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Catherine the Speaker

What a powerful message of hope and encouragement! There has been nothing but positive feedback about your testimony. You have inspired the whole community!
— Carl

With a delicious blend of engaging humor and Biblical truth, Catherine more than lives up to her pledge to, "Make 'em laugh, make 'em cry, make 'em think and change their lives!" Her candid, invigorating style makes her the perfect fit for your next gathering.


Catherine the Author

As the author of The Rhyme & Reason Series, Catherine is like a Biblical Dr. Seuss. The series has been reviewed and approved by Focus on the Family

Recent Interviews with Catherine

About Catherine

As a fifteen-year-old drug addict and runaway facing serious prison time, Catherine gave her shattered life to the Lord. To read more of Catherine's powerful testimony and how God's grace has worked in her life, click here.

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Catherine's latest release, Acts, is now available! Bright, active illustrations combine with humorous and powerful stories to bring the story of the early church alive! To order it now, click here.

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