Rhyme & Reason Book Testimonies

I loved hearing the story of how God called Catherine Zoller to write. Her obedience and love for out Lord Jesus blesses me! I’m sure multitudes have, and will continue to be, blessed through reading the Rhyme and Reason Series. The genius of David Wilson’s (Mr. Sketches) artwork makes the books all the more fun and inspiring for all ages. I can’t wait for the next one!
— Anita Bryant, former Miss America
Your books are excellent in every way; knowledge, scripture reference, beauty, clear hook of rhyme. You certainly have a God-sent gift.
— Diana, Grandmother
I just wanted you to know that even though your books are for children, I have discovered that the elderly are also very entertained by your writing and the illustrations. My parents are 80 and 81 and my father has Alzheimer’s. One night I read your “Genesis” book to them. They loved it! They were mesmerized by the rhyming storyline and it opened discussions about God’s love and grace through-out time. I am very hopeful these books will be the tools the Lord uses to bring my parents into His Kingdom.
— Debbie
I bought all 6 of your books this past March. I just wanted to tell you my kids absolutely LOVE them. My oldest son (8) read through them four times as soon as I got them home. My youngest wanted me to read them to him over and over. This is something we will have as part of our curriculum every year. I am looking forward to more of your books being published! Thank you so much for your ministry!
— Diane
I’m tellin’ ya what! I’m 48 years old and all I keep thinking is, ‘Where’s the next one?!!’
— Tony
What a beautiful way to explain the books of the Bible! My kids can’t get enough of them!
— Belinda
These books are nothing short of amazing. God has truly blessed you with a gift.
— Michelle
I’ve been searching and searching for a book with Bible stories that is fun to read, and here it is!
— Lora
Oh my gosh! I LOVE IT!! My son loves it too! Every time I try to stop reading for the night, he keeps begging for, ‘More! More!’
— Melissa
My daughter loves to play “I Spy” on each page. The illustrations are so clever! You have managed to captivate children and adults as well. Congratulations!
— Sara
Your books are opening up tremendous discussions about the Biblical stories you covered. Thank you for adding a delightful dimension to our family devotions.
— Steven
Finally! The perfect solution for keeping my grandchildren entertained in the car. The books are amazing and they never seem to get tired of reading them.
— Cathy
My son loves your book and wants to meet you! I asked him what he would say to you and he said, ‘I would tell her that the books are GREAT!’
— Kay
It’s like a picture book for adults!
— Eric
I like how the whole book rhymes. How did you do that?
— Kylie, Age 7
I love this book!
— Sophia, Age 8