Speaking TestimoniALs

Someone asked me if I had heard you speak. My response? Prepare yourself! She is not only extremely funny, she is also very deep.
— Mary Ann
You are a wonderful speaker and storyteller! You had us all completely spellbound.
— Linda
I recently attended the Tulsa Community Light House meeting and their speaker, Catherine Zoller, really lived up to the publicity to: “Make ‘em laugh, make ‘em cry, make ‘em think and change their lives!” She has a natural wit and is a gifted speaker. I highly recommend her. She would be especially good for an event where you wanted to draw folks that might not ordinarily attend church - like a tea, etc. She has tremendous depth, yet also makes the gospel clear and compelling to the lost.
— Karen
I can’t thank you enough for all you shared with us. God was honored by your story and we were blessed beyond our wildest expectations
— Louise
We are still talking about your powerful and moving testimony! What a story you have. And you share it with such remarkable passion.
— Jo Ann
People are still raving about what a incredible blessing your message was. When someone has been though so many trials and still trusts and loves the Lord, that gives everyone hope.
— Charlene
What a powerful message of hope and encouragement! There has been nothing but positive feedback about your testimony. You have inspired the whole community!
— Carl
Rarely have I been so profoundly affected by a speaker. You have a message that should be heard by everyone.
— Dennis
The positive comments about your talk continue to pour in. You really hit the mark!
— Barbara
You have a powerful message and your passion for the Lord is highly contagious!
— Cheryl
You answered so many of my questions. I have been struggling for a long time with believing whether or not everything I have heard my whole life is true. Thank you for rescuing me from doubt.
— Jerry
I left the meeting feeling like I’d been to the doctor and had a shot of the Holy Spirit!
— Dixie
You are one powerful speaker! It fits you like a glove.
— Sharon