Rhyme and Reason Book of Month Club


Because so many of you have asked for it, we are happy to announce the brand new Book-of-the-Month Club! It's the gift that keeps on giving! Here's how it works:

Fill out the form below, and each month you or the loved one of your choice will receive a Rhyme & Reason book, until the whole set has been received. There is no need to prepay for the entire series, your card will conveniently be charged each month when the book is sent.

"But Catherine, I already own one of the books!" No problem. On the final page of the checkout process, simply specify the book(s) you already own and those won't be sent to you. Unless you want to receive the book to use as a gift for a church or individual, in which case, well, you don't have to do anything special. We'll send it your way and you can take it from there.

Oh, and do you want more good news? Superfast shipping is already included with all prices!

Book Schedule

The books will ship in this order:

  • First: Genesis

  • Second: Matthew

  • Third: Exodus

  • Fourth: Acts

  • Fifth: Leviticus

  • Sixth: Hebrews

  • Seventh: Daniel

  • Eighth: Revelation

  • Ninth: Esther

  • Tenth: Jonah